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Watched Over by Stone Angels

As I restart the blog, I wanted to take some of my older photos and post them with comments and thoughts. This was taken in late October 2013, outside St. Thomas church on the corner of Fifth Ave and 53rd St in NYC. It was almost two months before I posted the photo and the comments below on Facebook.

This photo from NYC is one that causes a real jumble of feelings for me. I'd come back into the city specifically to take some shops at night photos. After checking into a hotel where I'd been upgraded to a suite on the top floor that overlooked Madison avenue (the bathroom was larger than my entire bedroom at home), I headed out for a few hours to take photos in one of the richest areas of the world. Fifth avenue was crowded even though it was nearly 10:00 pm on a Sunday evening.

I was across the street and stopped right in the middle of the sidewalk. As I moved off to the side of a food vendor to get a better view, I was struck by the stark contrast of what you can see in the photo and the crowd of humanity moving along not more than 20 feet away.

I stood there for a good 15-20 seconds deciding if I really wanted to take the photo or not. I take photos of things, not people. It felt like I was voyeuristically invading into a sacred space but I knew this was a photo that I need to take. I finally took a single photo and hurried on, blending with the rest of the tourist. I've titled it Watched Over by Stone Saints.

Sony A77, Tamron 17-55, f4.0, 1/8th, ISO 800